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The Callard Clinic
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 162 reviews
by Keyes on The Callard Clinic

The office staff is quick and courteous while Dr is always spot on!

by Jackie Harvey on The Callard Clinic
My Former Chiropractor Retired

I recently had my chiropractor retire after of 30 years of care. I didn't quite know where to turn. I am a strong believer in chiropractic care and knew I wouldn't be able to go too long without one. My grandson recently was injured and was seeing Dr. Callard. I took him for his visits and watched his adjustments and his progress under his care. I decided to take the chance and have been pleasantly surprised. His technique is much like my former chiropractor but he has expanded his treatment with me and made recommendations to exercise and strengthen my knees as well, which appear to be part of my problem. Dr. Callard listens and personalizes the treatment to your needs. Things are going well and I look forward to continuing to make progress.

by Gabrielle Brizendine on The Callard Clinic
Great care and results!

I injured my back after falling down the stairs about 3 weeks ago. I could barely walk and was in a TON of pain! I went to Dr. Callard 2 days after the injury and honestly felt about 70% better within a few hours. I did have to continue to receive massage therapy and chiropractic care for about 3 weeks until I felt 100% better but this is worth any amount of time and money because I now have my life back:). I can lift my children , bend over with no pain and am back to working out regularly! I am SO thankful to Dr. Callard and his staff!

by Terry Zalewski on The Callard Clinic
Decompression Therapy

FANTASTIC!! I cannot recommend decompression therapy enough. If you are having issues with your neck, leg, back, stop in and get an evaluation from Dr. Callard.

I am 1/2 way through my therapy and have noticed a difference already.

Don't wait, call 629-5566 now.

by Martine Emmons on The Callard Clinic
Our health is everything

Dr. Callard and his staff are phenomenal ~ truly! I have seen chiropractor's my entire life, was raised to eat good, healthy food and my parents did not believe in traditional medicine unless you broke a bone. However, I was still reluctant to go into Dr. Callard's nutrition program. I didn't want to give up sugar, LOL, and I knew it needed to go.

THEN my hair starting falling out. I had gone through chemotherapy (for colon cancer) the year prior and my hair didn't fall out then as it was when I decided I needed to go in. Every day washing my hair was defeating πŸ™

So, I started the program. It was very hard for the first week or so and then I started feeling great!. The more I left sugar alone, the less I wanted it. And now I have thick, very pretty hair.

I am so grateful, and beyond happy!

Dr. Callard knows what he is doing! Plus he is caring, compassionate and fun to pick on! Which to me is an added bonus!! πŸ™‚

by Kirk Rundell on The Callard Clinic
Thirty years of back pain...GONE!

I severely injured my back in 1983, and after decades of pain ( and countless visits to chiropractors), I finally found relief.

Not moderate relief...MAJOR RELIEF!!!

Between Dr. Callard's bone crunching techniques (just kidding, Doc) and deep-tissue massages , I am 99% pain-free...and I'm pretty sure the remaining 1% is just natural 'wear and tear' on my body.

Moreover, I recently started a nutritional program (not a diet, but a 'life-habit') under Dr. Callard's direction. His program helped identify 'maladies' in my body, as well as, target certain foods that are not 'user friendly.' Although I just started the nutritional program (one week), I can already feel my body detoxing.

Bottom line...If you have any aches, pains, or basically feel crappy, let Dr. Callard check you'll be surprised at what he can do for you!

by Donna on The Callard Clinic
Licensed Massage Therapist

Appendages!! I have seen Dr. Callard for over two years for spinal adjustments. I am an active adult, work hard, play hard and work out on a regular basis. But as a Licensed Massage Therapist, I often have shoulder issues....and as a runner, ankle/knee issues. I am not sure if anyone is aware that your appendages can be adjusted as, elbows, shoulders, knees, ankles and feet!! Dr. Callard does muscle testing to determine if indeed the above are "out." I was having severe ankle / knee pain from running and developed tendinitis, with swelling. I went to see doc, and after having my ankle properly adjusted, the swelling went down immediately as well as the pain! I rely on Dr. Callard to keep me on the straight and narrow!! Thanks doc!

by Dr. Richard Sauve on The Callard Clinic
Top Notch Care and Service

I started seeing Dr. Callard in November of 2016. Having had a horrible experience with another Chiropractor in Fenton I was suspicious of all chiropractors: however, my neck was giving me serious problems. Since then Dr. Callard has done an excellent job getting me sorted out and out of pain . I highly recommend this fine professional Gentleman and his excellent staff. In addition his staff of professional massage therapists are an excellent addition to the fine chiropractic care.

by Jen M on The Callard Clinic
The Best!

Our family has been going to Dr. Callard for about 10 years and we are so thankful for his care and treatment! Dr. Callard has an intuitive gift to listen to what you are saying, observe you physically and get to the root cause with chiropractic and/or nutrition care. Time and again he has helped our family! He has helped the kids with ear aches and viruses and he is so kind and gentle with them that our oldest wants to be a chiropractor when he grows up!

by Steph N on The Callard Clinic
Life saver!

My family and I are so grateful for Dr. Callard. When we need an adjustment or when we are sick the Callard clinic is where we go first. I got a virus when I was 4 months pregnant and could not keep any food or water down. I went in and was given a supplement and within 2 hours I was able to start eating and drinking with no problem. He is AMAZING with kids too! My daughter (2.5) had an ear ache and extremely high fever on and off for days and I was about to take her to the ER but I went to Dr. Callard instead and in one adjustment the fever and ear ache disappeared. My son (6months) stopped napping and started waking up every hour during the night, one adjustment and he slept through the night. It happened again 2 weeks later, one adjustment and he starting sleeping through the night again. I don't know what I would do with out Dr. Callard!

by Julie on The Callard Clinic

I started seeing Dr. Callard months after the passing of my mom. I had become depressed, I could not sleep and I over all felt out of control. I had no energy to do any after work other than sit on the couch . The first appointment with Dr. Callard for nutrition was amazing, without me telling him why I was there he proceeded to exam me and then tell me what was wrong and how we could correct them. I listened to the changes that I would have to make and accepted them and then the work started. In a short time I was losing weight , sleeping better and my energy started to come back, I was starting to like the person I was, and the depression slowly started to go away. I am now still in his care of Dr. Callard and learning how to take control of my health. I learned to change the way I eat for the better and I'm now down 43 pounds and counting. Thank you Dr. Callard

by Sarah on The Callard Clinic

This year I decided I wanted to get my health back. I went to see Dr. Callard in January about his nutrition program and after doing some initial tests, he discovered I had some food intolerances. So, we made a plan to eliminate those foods, start some supplements and get back on track! It was amazing to see how I changed almost immediately by cutting the foods that were making me feel terrible! I felt better, my bloating went away, I had more energy, I lost weight, I was sleeping soundly, and I was just happier in general.

Fast forward to today and I feel better than I have ever felt! I am down over 30 pounds and I know what foods to avoid. It wasn’t a β€œquick fix”. It was a lifestyle change! I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone looking to get their bodies functioning the way they were intended to function!

by Nancy Hoydic on The Callard Clinic
Thank You / Recommendation

I am writing this letter of recommendation to express my sincere gratefulness to Dr. Callard and his staff. I have been suffering from tremendous pain from Sciatica. I have tried everything including injections and nothing worked, until I visited Dr. Callard who has been treating me with spinal decompression and this has truly changed my life.


Nancy Hoydic

by Susan on The Callard Clinic
Great Results

Dr. Callard and his staff have helped my husband tremendously. He has suffered generalized pain for many years. Through adjustments and massage therapy he is finally getting relief and feeling great.

by Lyle Jones on The Callard Clinic
Feeling Good

I've been In pain since 02, I mean back pain, Neck, Knees, I'm racked with Arthritis, in every joint, to say the least I'M IN PAIN, I just had my forth adjustment, I feel great, I always though that I would have to just live with the pain. Dr. Callard has made me aware of the fact that I don't have to, and has given me results, with adjustments.

What a GREAT PLACE!!!! Thanks to All!!! LJ

by Sharon on The Callard Clinic

I had been feeling off and after going to Dr. Callard for my back I thought that I would try this Nutrition thing. Boy, am I glad that I did!!! I went through the program and feel better than I have since I was a teenager (which is a long time ago) πŸ˜‰ I have lost 24 pounds. and continue to eat healthy (with a little cheating now and then). What Dr. Callard taught me is that if you take care of your body it will take care of you. I would highly recommend Dr. Callard's nutrition program to anyone interested in getting whole again.

by suzy byrd on The Callard Clinic

I am in good shape, workout 4 days a week, eat healthier than anyone I know, work in sports medicine and a personal trainer, yet I have had my gall bladder removed, that stopped the abdominal pain briefly. It returned occationally then for the past 10 mo'.s 5 or 6 out of 7 days after eating "healthy meals" . some nausea, burning, cramping, about once a week so bad that I was curled up in a ball for 3 to 10 hours in unbearable of many examples was driving up north, paying for a ski lift ticket then being helped off the hill and laying on the hotel room floor all day and half the night in terrible pain. one ER visit, family doc, and 2 specialist, MRI, CT scan, ultra sound, scope, and gastric empting study later no answers. 2 friends referred me to Dr. Callard, he evaluated me, I was happy and surprised that he recognized my symptoms unlike any of the "specialist" . he found that although I ate healthy, some of my "healthy" foods were hurting me. he made a plan of supplements, avoiding the foods I was found to be intolerant to, and minimizing inflammation causing foods.

the results, in one day the pain stopped, in one week the severe bloating was gone.

I cannot express enough how happy and thankful I am, I wish all doctors looked first to nutrition instead of rushing to pills and expensive test that put radiation into your body.

by Pam Cova on The Callard Clinic
Nutrition with Dr. Callard

I started seeing Dr. Callard in January 2014 for Nutrition. I filled out paperwork, had a muscle test and after the results were put together we came up with a plan. Remove all dairy, grains and sugar from my diet, take some supplements and visit the office every week or two to confirm we were moving forward.

It has been 14 weeks, I will be off all doctor prescribed medication by the end of April, all my joint pain is gone, my snoring is gone(my husband will be forever grateful), I am down 24# and I feel overall amazing. And on top of that, I get to buy new clothes and hear all the great comments people have to say about the changes in me. I will be 50 next April and plan to leave my 40's in the best shape - inside and out - that I can be. Thank you Dr. Callard for all the great advise you have provided to me and for your amazing staff who has helped encourage me.

by Donna on The Callard Clinic

Decompression works!! Trust the process and follow through. THAT is the key! I have 2 herniated discs in my lower back...and with decompression therapy, along with the exercises assigned, I am back to where I was 20 years ago! I am a healthy, active 47 year young woman who's job is physically demanding. I feel like I have a better quality of life now than I did prior to my injury...all due to decompression! I also give Dr. Callard kudos for keeping the rest of my spine aligned. I am most thankful for the encouragement and support. Decompression takes commitment and patience. It's important, regardless how great you feel, to finish ALL 20 treatments. Honor your body the privilege! Thanks Doctor Callard. Your support helped get me through the process. πŸ™‚

by Matthew Diment on The Callard Clinic
New Patient; New attitude

I am a new patient of Dr. Callard. He surprised me by both his professionalism and his ability to relate to me as a patient. He first took the time to get to know me and what activities are important to me before giving me his plan to get me healthy. I trusted him quicker because of his approach. I allowed him to provide me a nutrition eval too, because of the trust I have in him. I purchased the products he recommended and I am feeling much better today for it! I contribute my better health to my Chiropractic treatments and the supplements I am taking.

I also really like Jennifer the receptionist. She's always welcomes me and let's me know my expected wait time... which so far has been 2 to 3 minutes at most after signing-in. The whole office Rocks!

I also appreciated that he wasn't looking for me to change my whole life style; He gave me more healthy options to what I am consuming versus telling me to quit completely my unhealthy habits. He understand human behavior better than others Chiropractor's who I've seen in the past! I highly recommend Dr. Callard and have been recommending him to all my friends!

by margeryh on The Callard Clinic

Every time I come in everyone is very curteous and friendly. Always greet you with a smile

by pamelac on The Callard Clinic

I was fit in quickly and had an amazing massage!

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

Dr Lori was amazing. She explained all the things that were going on with me and was very knowledgeable. She had a friendly but professional bedside manner. My pain is no down to a minimum and i am feeling like i can function again. Thanks! Front staff was also amazing helpful and friendly. My experience overall was fantastic.

by christinah on The Callard Clinic

I am so happy with the services I have received. Dr. Callard and his staff are wonderful and very accommodating.

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

My massage was great. Christina is the best!!

by rochellew on The Callard Clinic

my 4 1/2 month old slept better last night after being adjusted yesterday!

Slept like the angel she is? That's awesome! Dr.C.

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

Always a friendly professional welcome with sound results/outcome.

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

I really like the women at the Callard clinic. Michelle is incredibly patient with our insurance messes and always helpful with a smile. Christine is amazing, she makes you feel at ease and relaxed, very professional and fun.

by jeaneg on The Callard Clinic

Dr Callard is great. Always there when you need him! I really appreciate the Saturday hours,. Thank you!

by ac on The Callard Clinic

I had been in the Emergency Room 10hrs in agonizing pain. Each breath only created more pain. The ER determined I had 3 ribs out, so 3 different Drs tried for almost an hr with no success of getting my ribs back in place. They suggested I see a chiropractor and I knew only 1 guy who could fix me it was Dr Callard. I called while I was leaving the ER and he said he would wait for me on a Saturday!! Within 2 minutes my ribs were back in and I could breathe again. But I still had some back pain, and that's when I met the atm2 machine. Wow, it was a God send after a few simple excercises I felt amazing and could bend at my waist again. Dr Callard is the most knowledgeable, kind, and compassionate Dr I've ever met. If you've been in pain, see Dr Callard and your pain will disappear in minutes! Thank you Dr Callard, it's great to breathe again!!!!

by crystalg on The Callard Clinic

Dr. Callard is very knowledgeable, caring and concerned. His office is very clean and he has a great staff!

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

Donna is awesome!! πŸ™‚

by karenv on The Callard Clinic

Love the response testing that Dr. Callard does and it's great to be able to purchase Standard Process supplements so close to home.

by HeidiL on The Callard Clinic

When I first went to Dr. Callard for his Nutrition program, I was not very healthy. I'm 52 yrs. old, I had no energy, over weight, stressed, panic attacks, hungry all the time, up half the night and tired all day long. Well let me tell you! 7 weeks later I have had quite a change... I have never felt better than I do now and I'm feeling better every day. I have lot's of energy, going to bed early, sleeping through the night and even getting up early and ready to take on the day. I'm eating clean and not craving sweets and working out. I actually got stuck in an elevator, a big fear and even though I was a little stressed I made it out and was surprised how well I handled it. But most of all by making a life change and finding Dr. Callard I have lost 18.8 lbs. The only mistake I have made, is not finding Dr. Callard years ago. I will continue to follow this program and Thank Dr. Callard and his office staff for their encouragement.

by garym on The Callard Clinic

I felt that Dr. Callard really helped me with my hip. It already is better after one treatment. I will be back for several more.

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

Everyone in the office are very friendly and genuinely caring!

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

Great experience! Target adjustments to relieve pain!

by normah on The Callard Clinic

In the past year, two different people told me they were impressed with Dr. Callard. In mid-September, I was experiencing pain in the middle of my back that had been increasing over time so I decided to give Dr. Callard a try. I called his office the morning of September 17th and was able to see him later that day. First of all, I was impressed by how efficiently his reception area ran and how easy and thorough his new patient registration was. Then I expected to have a seat and wait, but NO, I was directed to Room 2 and the doctor was waiting for me! Dr. Callard patiently listened to me describe my symptoms and then he asked questions to determine what other medical issues may be contributing to my pain. As a result of our conversation, I realized he wanted to know about all my minor aches and pains, and he encouraged me to ask more questions! Is this beginning to sound different from your experience in other doctors' offices?

by normah on The Callard Clinic

Because I am in my 50s and had lumbar surgery 12 years ago, I thought some of my aches and pains were things I would just have to learn to live with. Dr. Callard did many simple physical tests that confirmed the areas of my aches and pains. He then adjusted my back, neck, shoulders and wrists. Also, because of the numbness I have had in my thighs for the past 3+ years, he also tried to relieve the compression on my lumbar discs with a couple of simple movements. He then suggested I may want to look into the spinal decompression services he provides, if I was still experiencing numbness. Dr. Callard asked me to see him 3 times a week for 3 weeks, or less if I was pain free.

I was so pleased with how much better I felt in just one visit. Every area that he worked on improved and has continued to improve or be completely alleviated. The numbness in my left leg completed subsided in one visit. My right thigh took two visits. My lower back and thighs have not felt this good in years! Dr. Callard told me I wouldn't need his spinal decompression services. How many doctors pass up a chance to make money?

by normah on The Callard Clinic

I just had my sixth appointment today, September 30th (no wait each time), and only one area of my spine needed attention. As I write this review, I am pain free! Best of all, I have found my new back doctor!! He's smart, he listens, he gets results, he's friendly, he's available after normal office hours, and he and his staff make you feel so comfortable. You can't ask for more.

by cherylr on The Callard Clinic

Doctor Callard is very knowledgeable and has corrected lower back problems. Now I am able to walk 7 miles per day without pain or limitations. I would recommend him to anyone with lower back pain.

by hollyr on The Callard Clinic

Dr. Callard listens to his patients needs, he is professional and provides superlative care. Michelle the receptionist is outgoing and friendly, compassionate, helpful and good. The Callard Clinic is pretty, well organized and very clean.

by michelles on The Callard Clinic

Wonderful experience

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

I have received chiropractic treatment for over 25 years and Dr. Callard is the first and only chiropractor that has pin pointed my personal issues. For years I have had upper back and shoulder pain that was treated as a rib problem, when indeed it was a shoulder issue. I had never had my shoulder adjusted before and never have I felt this good! I live a very active lifestyle and I feel like I'm back in my 20's! I highly recommend Dr. Callard! He is a very competent chiropractor and I trust his professional approach to chiropractic care.

by donnad on The Callard Clinic

I was completely blown away by the results of my Nutritional therapy session with Dr. Callard. Using Kinesiology, Dr. Callard was able to test me for deficiencies as well as putting together a program that personally fits my specific needs. I had been having stomach issues for longer than I can remember and after only 1 week of starting my program (following it precisely as I was instructed and eating properly), I feel better than I have in 25 years! I am so excited and confident that I will continue on a healthy path with the help and guidance of Dr. Callard! Thanks Doc, you ROCK!

by corenan on The Callard Clinic

My daughter is 2 1/2 years old and has down syndrome. DS can come with a lot of issues. The one we faced the most was trouble with BMs. After Dr.Callard adjusted her we went from every 3 to 4 days before having a BM to every day or every other. He then talked to us about enzyme supplements to help break down food but still get all she needs from the foods she was eating. By doing that my daughter now has regular BMs. Thank you Dr.Callard.

by JohnC. on The Callard Clinic

It is amazing how your quality of life improves even after just one or two adjustments. Being pain free...Priceless!

by rochellew on The Callard Clinic

Dr. Callard is fantastic! I love that I can stop in whenever I need to without worry. He has also helped my newborn baby girl...she was fussy and having some digestive issues. After being adjusted, she was calm and happy. The day we were having her newborn pictures done at 3 weeks old, I made sure to take her to Dr. Callard. She was perfect for the photographer. I highly recommend him!

by lories on The Callard Clinic

Julie is the best! Her deep tissue massages keep me running :). I also appreciate the well run office and friendly staff. I am a loyal and committed client.

by dianes on The Callard Clinic

I came in with a terrible migraine, and left feeling much better. By the end of the day, it was gone. Thank you!

by rachelh on The Callard Clinic

Dr. Callard got me in the same day when I called to make an appointment! I feel much better thanks to him. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a chiropractor!!

by stacyf on The Callard Clinic

My husband and I are very thankful for Dr.Callard he was there even when he wasn't open. The doctor and staff are very nice. I myself have enjoyed the nutrition as well. Keep up the good work.

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

Love the Callard Clinic

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

Very quick and efficient. Works easily around my work schedule.

by josephc on The Callard Clinic

Great results as usual!

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

For days I was in so much pain. I could tell my shoulder was out of place. I was using muscle relaxers and pain medications for a few days. I knew Dr. Callard was out of town, but as soon as he was back in town I was able to speak to him and he meet me at his office on a Sunday night at 9 pm!! He adjusted my shoulder and neck and the pain was immediately relieved to a level that I could finally get some sleep that night after having only a couple hours of sleep for a few nights. I went back to see him on Monday and Wednesday for a couple more adjustments and a massage and my shoulder is now pain free! Thank you Dr. Callard for always taking care of me and my family. We appreciate you and your wonderful staff and massage therapists.

by TerryZ. on The Callard Clinic

As always, fast and friendly service. It feels so good to be aligned and adjusted.

by PatrickF. on The Callard Clinic

Great visits always

by margeryh on The Callard Clinic

I am very happy with the treatment I receive. Everyone is nice and there is no waiting period.

by chadb on The Callard Clinic

I had injured my back and was seeing my current Chiro doc with no perceived improvement. Upon a recommendation, I went to Doc Callard to see if I could catch some relief. To my delight, he asked several questions and completed a physical exam with a confident diagnosis. He adjusted only what needed to be and within 3 days, I had felt great to the point of doing 6 hours of yard work with no problems! I've now made the switch to doc Callard and would recommend any to do the same. It seems his focus is not to simply adjust, but to systemically find and correct the source of the problem.

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

Dr. Callard and his staff are always looking to best meet your changing chiropractic needs.

by gb on The Callard Clinic

I have been going to Dr. Callard for about a year and a half. When I became pregnant I was in to be adjusted usually once per week. It definitely helped through the pains and strains of pregnancy!

When my daughter was born she struggled with looking to the right. At first I played it off as being a "newborn" thing, however when she became 2 1/2 months old and still struggled I decided I need to bring her to Dr. C. He explained to me exactly what was going on with her neck. She has received about 5 adjustments and we were given exercises to do daily. I am proud to say that I walked in to her room a few days ago to see her looking to her right gazing into her monitor!!! I'm so glad that I brought her in!!!

I believe taking your newborn to be checked out is something all mothers should do!! And, Dr. Callard makes the process easy and informative.

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

Great personable staff. I always feel better after a visit.

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

Great experience as usual.

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

Great service from the Dr. To the massage therapist!

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

I had a great experience at Dr. Callards office. I came in with a pinched nerve in my neck and after a few visits I feel back to my normal self!

by MarkS. on The Callard Clinic

From neck pain and headaches to knee and ankle pain I have been treated with great results every time. The whole staff has been fantastic.

by lanac on The Callard Clinic

A very friendly staff that always welcomes you with a smile

Dr. Callard is a very knowledgable practitioner with precise adjustments. After spending the last 2 years in pain, I finally decided to receive chiropractic care. After 2 adjustments, I had my first pain free day in a very long time! It's been 4 weeks and I'm happy to say that the majority of my days are pain free.

Donna Diment is also a very skilled massage therapist.

I highly recommend The Callard Clinic!

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

My years of suffering are over! With no surgery, no more painkillers, no more sitting on the sidelines of life. Dr. Callard has helped me so much, anyone whose life is affected by pain should see him first!

by ChuckM. on The Callard Clinic

Very friendly staff. Excellent care. Clean and comfortable office.

by chadc on The Callard Clinic

we really appreciate the attention to detail and care. Thanks

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

Doc is passionent about his work and sets goals to help his patients.

Two thumbs up to Kristina, massage therapist, works to pin point problem areas along with relaxation.

by JohnC. on The Callard Clinic

I had gone to a chiropractor a few years ago who tended to adjust everything whether you needed it or not. What a difference with Doctor Callard.

I went to the clinic for the first time on the recommendation of a friend who happens to be an RN. My complaint was a shoulder that felt like I had torn something loose and low back pain where I thought I had damaged something there too.

Dr Callard did some resistance testing and strength testing and diagnosed that my arm was out of its socket and my right hip was also out of place. I went in with severe pain with the arm being almost useless. After a simple adjustment I could use the arm again. The pain was nearly gone and once again I could lift with my right arm. The same held true for my right hip.

I walked out of the clinic nearly pain free. Of course the would be some residual pain in the shoulder due to inflammation and prior irritation, But subsequent adjustments left me pain free.

The interesting thing is that the pressure used in the subsequent adjustments were in proportion to the amount needed. The doctor clearly knows what he is doing.

The entire staff are friendly and helpful. While my first visits were twice weekly, follow ups spread out to two weeks. Thanks to the doctor I'll am able to get back to playing golf.

by PatriciaW. on The Callard Clinic

Always friendly, prompt, excellent care

by deborahh on The Callard Clinic

Its a wonderful place to go. Everyone is very nice and professional. If you need a massage ask for Donna, she is great!

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

Fantastic expertise. Great availability. Happy, friendly staff. A wonderful combination!

by jodic on The Callard Clinic

I just want to say THaNK YOU!! I walked in with my aunt in so much pain it hurt to stand up or sit down. Dr. Callard seen me right away and after three visits I was feeling better!! He new exactly where I was hurting and fixed the problem. I am a big baby when it comes to pain and he made me feel comfortable. He even came in on his day off because I was in so much pain! The office was friendly and very welcoming!! THANK YOU again!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

by kristinam on The Callard Clinic

What can I say but THANK YOU! I knew immediately that I was in good hands with Dr Callard. He began the diagnosis process and expertly zeroed in on the core issues that are causing a whole host of general aches and pain. Many chiropractors just do overall general adjustments without finding the core issues and adjusting them specifically. I feel better already, what is more exciting is that I am now confident that I've found the Dr who can get my body back into excellent condition so I can continue to pursue my health and fitness. πŸ™‚ Highly recommended!

by MikeW. on The Callard Clinic

I have been going to Dr. Callard for years, at minimium about once a month. I see my family Dr. about once every 5 years (maybe). He is always trying some form of therapy. He is progressive and extremely knowledgeable. I was very skepticle at first but have realized over the years that he does not rest on his laurels; he is always trying to find new ways to help his patients. Best thing is you are in and out faster than just about any family dr can even get you out of the waiting room.

Recently, I had a pain in my shoulder (shoulder impingment), which left me unable to raise my arm off my side. He MADE me schedule a massage therapy appointment. The therapist (Ping) was amazing. She was absolutely incredible how she targeted the issue and sent me on what I call an adventure. I went from a meditative state to chills and goosebumps, to almost confusion. I left being able to raise my arm over my head.

by marjories on The Callard Clinic

Caring and professional atmosphere.

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

I have been in many medical offices recently. Dr. Callard's office and his staff are the best. They are efficient, helpful and kind. Dr. Callard takes the time to listen to your problems and concerns. On follow up visits he takes as much time as needed to adjust you. The massage therapy staff works very hard in assisting you to get back to a more comfortable state. I would recommend this office for all of your chiropractic needs

by DebraC. on The Callard Clinic

After two years of treatment for my back under the care of a medical doctor, an osteopathic doctor, attending physical therapy twice, and finally seeing a neurosurgeon, I scheduled an appointment with Dr. James Callard. The neurosurgeon stated he could help me, but I was dead set against surgery. I have seen too many people not have favorable back surgery results. My son, a fireman who had hurt his back because he had fallen through two stories while on the job, had received treatments and therapy from Dr. Callard urged me to give him a try. At best I was hesitant and skeptical; however the pain in my lower back and down my legs was becoming unbearable. Dr. Callard recommended the treatment of decompression. He stated it takes time and many visits, but I was willing to give it a try and am I glad I did! After about the 14th treatment and six weeks I noticed a change. The pain going down my legs was not as intense. I began the exercises he recommended and kept having the massage treatments and decompression. Today, six months later, I am totally pain free. I went from taking four to six pain pills (doctor recommended) daily to no pain pills. Dr. Callard is compassionate, knowledgeable, and a good listener. His office staff and massage therapists are well trained and friendly. I highly recommend him to everyone!

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

I always enjoy coming into the Callard Clinic. Everyone is so polite and helpful and I always feel better after!

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

Visited Dr. Callard for the first time and he was a pleasure and solved my problem. Will be going back every time I have an issue!

by sharonc on The Callard Clinic

After 2 back surgeries and a number of injection's I went to see Dr. Callard I have had problem's with my leg,I had trouble walking and working after 2 session's the pain was gone.He work's wonders on his patient's.I suggest your go see him to see if he can help you.

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

The atmosphere is welcoming and comfortable. Dr. Callard did a complete assessment before treating me. He is very competent and caring. I felt better after my first visit! I am looking forward to getting pain free and am confident that Dr. Callard will get me there.

by josephc on The Callard Clinic

Always a great experience

by maureent on The Callard Clinic

At risk of sounding corny I will still say-it felt like a MIRACLE! An adjustment from Dr Callard and massage by Julie healed me. I've been fighting a virus for at least 2 weeks. I had so much energy after & my voice came back immediately!My husband was laughing as I bounced around the house all night. Why more people dont try it, baffles me!! THANKYOU

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

Finding the Callard Clinic has changed my entire life style. Before Doctor Callard educated me on nutrition and fitness, I had never realized what I was doing to my body. I was sleeping 2-3 hours a night max and basically let my body go.

Doc put me on the right track with supplements and healthy living. I sleep 8-10 hours a night with no interruptions during the night and eating much cleaner and it has completely changed my life and appearance. I feel more confident and healthy!

Thanks so much to everyone who helped!

Going to Doctor Callard was the best choice I've made!

by deborahm on The Callard Clinic

The casual yet professional atmosphere has been very refreshing and goes a long way in making me feel comfortable. Dr. Callard has a great staff and really knows his stuff!

by kathym on The Callard Clinic

I walked into Dr. Callards office unable to bend at the waist. With one visit i was able to touch the ground.I have been back three times

and pain free.

From the time I walked into the door Dr. Callard and staff was so welcoming, you feel like family.

He is very caring and great at what he does.

by sg on The Callard Clinic

I went to see Dr. Callard a few weeks ago when I injured my back. Seeking his help was the best decision I could have made. I was in a tremendous amount of pain and my left leg was constantly numb. I couldn't properly care for my 4 year old, which was really disheartening. Upon a thorough evaluation Dr. Callard determined I had herniated a disc and that Spinal Decompression Therapy was the best treatment option for me. I was so thankful to hear there was a non-surgical option available. Since I started treatment my pain level has literally gone from a 10 to a 0. I have no more numbness and no more pain. Thanks to Dr. Callard and his friendly staff I am back to myself!

by josephc on The Callard Clinic

As always, a great feeling when I arrive and leave. I feel like family when I'm there!

by mz on The Callard Clinic

Over the past ten years I've had ribs out of place, complications from a shoulder surgery and other various ailments. Every time I walk out of Dr. Callard's doors I feel great and the problem has been resolved. This man genuinely cares about his patients and is great at what he does. Stop wasting time and money with your md! (Very friendly and professional staff also)

by proudm on The Callard Clinic

My son, a high school wrestler, calls Dr. Callard a "miracle worker".

Dr. Callard relieved him of lower back pain that prevented him from bending at the waist and getting into his wrestling "stance" on the Monday before the state championship. Within 3 days he went from pain rated at "10" to a "1" and was able to compete and win a state championship.

My experience with Dr. Callard has been very positive in that he thoroughly assesses the situation before performing any adjustments. AND in follow up visits, if the "pain" is gone, he doesn't automatically treat you. That is especially important to me for my children. To me that is a sign of a caring, responsible doctor.

Thanks Doc!

by MaryC. on The Callard Clinic

I felt a part of. Like I was the only patient .. Enjoy the visit.. Even though it's not always pleasant at doctors office this was a pleasant experience .. Thank you all

by RebeccaS. on The Callard Clinic

I felt relief after my first visit. Dr Callard and his staff are very friendly and make you feel very comfortable. Thank you!!

by JosephF. on The Callard Clinic

Good Atmosphere, tranquil, and enlightening. a few more DTM and I will be ready for adjustment. I am presently working on the de fusement of my spine thru traction, contraction,deep breathing and stretching while in a traction state. Thank you for all your Help we will see family and self and your Clinic. God bless you and watch Gods Hand Work in our Lives. Best Regards, J.E.F.

by JosephC. on The Callard Clinic

Great experience as usual! The entire staff make you feel like your at home! Including Puja!

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

Dr. Callard and his staff are very thorough and caring.

by PatriciaW. on The Callard Clinic

Prompt excellent care, as always

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

Dr. Callard is wonderful. He will go out of his way to provide care to his patients.

by britains on The Callard Clinic

The wait times are very short and the staff is always very helpful.

by DavidW. on The Callard Clinic

I am a new patient with Dr. Callard. Each adjustment I have had has helped me feel better. I would recommend Dr. Callard to anyone looking for a good chiropractor.

by KirkW. on The Callard Clinic

I'm currently training for a 50 mile ultra marathon. The process requires that I essentially re-create myslef physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I'm confident in Dr Callard and team as a key part of my plan.

This and every visit is convenient, responsive, and pleasant.

by KirkW. on The Callard Clinic

I came to Dr Callard January 2012 in pain, stressed out, and weighing 257 lbs. With a combination of Chiro and nutrition, I quickly experienced pain relief, and progressively reduced my weight to 205 lbs.

What a great year. Felt so good I took my teenagers on a August hiking trip in the Colorado mountains. So pain relief and weight loss impacts the whole family.


by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

I had never been to a chiropractor before trying the Callard clinic but have had migranes and neck pain for about 10 years. I tried going to doctors and they just gave me medicine that masked the problem for a couple hours but the problems always came back. After getting only a few adjustments my headaches and neck pain was cut down by at LEAST half! The staff is very friendly and you can get an appointment within a few days. Also, you can stop in anytime for an adjustment and be in and out within about 15 mins! Would highly reccomend Callard Clinic!

by JosephC. on The Callard Clinic

Great experience as usual and my back is improving each day!

by TracyS. on The Callard Clinic

My 14 yr old daughter has SUFFERED from almost daily headaches and neck pain since she was 4 yrs old, she has been to many "specialists" and has tried many medications with little to no relief. I was at the end of my rope, out of money and out of options. Then a friend suggested I try Dr. Callard, with lots of doubt I called to make an appointment. I thought what could a chiropractor do for my daughter that "specialists" could not? I cannot find the words strong enough to express my joy in seeing my daughter improving in just a few visits! Her pain is improving and the headaches are all but gone! To see your child in so much pain over the years and now smiling and almost all pain free is the greatest joy I have ever felt! The staff is warm and friendly and Dr. Callard has a very warm and caring personality and you know he really cares! They all make you feel like family. I never even gave a thought to seeking a chiropractor for my child, now I could kick myself for not doing so sooner! She has suffered for a long time and now she has a great attitude toward life and smiles!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you and your staff has done to help my daughter.

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

Very good.

by TracyS. on The Callard Clinic

My 14 yr old daughter has been SUFFERING with headaches and neck pain since she was 4 yrs old. I had taken her to many "specialists" and after many medications and several tests she still had little to no relief. I was at the end of my rope, out of money and out of options. Then a friend suggested giving Dr. Callard a chance. With a lot of doubt, after all what could a chiropractor do to help her that all the "specialists" could not, I made an appointment. I will never find the words to express my joy at seeing my daughter getting pain relief just after a few visits!! Her attitude toward life is improved and she SMILES! I could kick myself for not giving it a chance sooner! The staff is wonderful, friendly and treat you like family. Dr. Callard is warm, funny and caring. He really cares about you!! To see my daughter improving is the best gift a mother could have, Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Dr. Callard and the entire staff!

by neilys on The Callard Clinic

Very courteous. Did not feel rushed.

by KarenF. on The Callard Clinic

Good. He has help me to strength my legs.

by PatriciaW. on The Callard Clinic

Prompt, excellent care

by JosephC. on The Callard Clinic

Dr. Callard and his entire staff are the best in the business and have had a tremendous effect on my complete recovery from severe back problems! When I'm there it's like being with family!

by CarlP. on The Callard Clinic

Relief of pain from ajustment great!

Masssge pain and stress at 80 %. Hard at first but I need morere

relaxing at end.


by polidanf on The Callard Clinic

I can't believe I walked around for so long enduring the pain I had inside right behind my shoulder blade. I was afraid to call my medical Doctor for fear of the worst, like a tumor or something close. I am sorry I didn't think about Doc Callard immediately, he has helped me out so much in the past. He is the best....! I was there for about 10min max, met the ATM2 machine, walked out pain free. Thanks Doc Callard...!

by GlennH. on The Callard Clinic

Great service!

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

Dr. Callard and his staff do great work and are very friendly. He fixes the problem quickly during your visit and most problems are resolved within a few visits. In my history for specific injuries or pain I have never needed more than 4 sessions to resolve any issue. Other chiropractors would have had me visiting 3 times a week for a month or more. Appointments are always quick and pleasant.

by SusanM. on The Callard Clinic

Excellent chiropractor. Highly skilled. I travel frequently through Fenton and will return to Callard whenever I am in the area.

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

After being in constant pain for many years a friend suggested I see Dr. Callard. I should have done this years ago. After 12 visits I was out of pain. I've remained pain free with continued adjustments and massage therapy. Because of Dr. Callard I'm able to enjoy activities I'd long ago given up.

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

When I went to see Dr. Callard, I had a hard time walking in the door because of the back pain. He strapped me into the ATM2, had me do a series of stretches and when I was done, no pain! Thanks Dr. Callard!

by devab on The Callard Clinic

I could hardly walk went I went into see Dr. Callard, in addition to my adjustment Dr. Callard put me on the ATM2 after a few exercises I was able to walk out of the office pain free! Thank you to Dr. Callard and thanks Michelle for always being so friendly!

by JosephC. on The Callard Clinic

My back pain is getting much better with each and every visit with Dr. Callard and I couldn't be more pleased.

by NicT. on The Callard Clinic

The best service/staff I have had the pleasure to meet/use!!! You cannot do better than The Callard Clinic!

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

With decompression therapy I experienced faster sciatica pain relief and recovery time. Within 1 week, I went from laying on the floor for relief to walking, standing and sitting without pain.

Thank you Dr. Callard for giving me a higher quality of life back. I forgotten what it was like to not have pain and now I'm able to do the things I love again without limitations.

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

I suffered for 10 months with abdominal pain and digestive problems. I saw two different Medical Doctors for my problems. I've had abdominal x-rays, ultra sounds of every organ and CAT scans that all came back inconclusive. There is nothing more disappointing when you suffer from chronic pain and the Medical Doctors have no solution for your problem. The next step was exploratory surgery, which I was not keen about at all.

While driving home from my Doctor's appointment I noticed the sign advertisement at Dr. Callard's office that stated Nutritional Therapy. I thought to myself maybe this is a sign and I need to try a new approach to my health care. So, I called and made an appointment.

The assessment session was very interesting and educational. Dr. Callard performed various techniques to determine what my body was ailing from. It was determined that I had small intestinal bacteria and parasites that caused inflammation and severe discomfort. He subscribed several different natural supplements to address the problem. Within one week of taking these supplements I noticed a huge difference in my overall health. I felt great! I felt so much better and had a lot more energy. I was sleeping much better and had absolutely no abdomen pain!

Dr. Callard has given me a new health care alternative with natural nutritional therapy. I will consider this option first before visiting another Medical Doctor. Thank you Dr. Callard!

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

I waited a long time to see a chiropractor, until many other options failed and I was in constant pain. I was immediately impressed by the friendly and kind staff who made me feel very comfortable.

I truly believe Dr. Callard is a gifted practitioner who cares about his patients well-being, and I am close to being pain free in a few short weeks.


by MarthaT. on The Callard Clinic

I have had back problems for many years and after many different types of treatment and therapy I was thinking surgery was my next option. Seeing Dr. Callard was the best thing I could have done. After three weeks I am felling so much better, I can live a normal life again. I only wish I'd called him first. The spinal decompression is resolving my disc problem and the ATM2 machine painlessly cured another back issue in three minutes!

by StaceyT. on The Callard Clinic

I went to Dr. Callard's office in excruciating back pain. Simply bending over to pick up a pair of tweezers threw my back out of place, and I could barely even walk. A few adjustments by Dr. Callard and several exercises on the amazing ATM2 machine (the only one like it in Michigan!), and I felt immediate relief. If you ever feel as though you've thrown your back out of place, the ATM2 machine is made specifically for just such motion injuries - give Dr. Callard a call! I have been a patient of Dr. Callard's for over 20 years, and I am so grateful for the care and time he gives to each of his patients.

by JosephC. on The Callard Clinic

I believe that I am getting better with each and every visit. Dr. Callard is the best!

by PatriciaW. on The Callard Clinic

Massage was wonderful & I felt better when I left.

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

I've been to eight other chiropractors to only be disappointed with their limited knowledge and techniques in healing back injuries. I can speak from experience that the care and quality of treatment has improved my quality of life 10 fold.

I suffered from severe herniated disk that caused sciatica pain in both legs. The pain level was a 10+ off the scale. Through his adjustments and decompression therapy I'm able to walk, stand and sit without pain after 3 weeks of treatment.

I trusted in Dr Callard and fun

by PatriciaW. on The Callard Clinic

As always everyone was friendly, prompt & it was a good experience. Also my pain was much improved when I was finished

by AngelaN. on The Callard Clinic

What to say about this program. I lost 9 pounds in the last 2 months and I can now sleep at night and no more mood swings. I feel more healthy and vibrant then I have in a long time. I even had my oldest daughter try it and she is amazed at how well she feels now.

by TriciaP. on The Callard Clinic

I came to Dr. Callard after inquiring my back while golfing. And after 4 visits (just over a week) I am feeling great and am almost completely free of all pain! The office is clean and professional and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend them.

by GlennH. on The Callard Clinic

Always friendly, welcoming, efficient and very good at providing the attention/help I need

by TerryZ. on The Callard Clinic

As always, great service. Always recommending The Callard Clinic.

by AshleyD. on The Callard Clinic

I am a 20 year old young lady who has been in two tragic and near fatal accidents since 2010. I have been to so many different ortho surgeons and neurologists to get relief from my neck, shoulder, and spinal injuries. Been on many different medications, and nothing has ever given me relief for more than a day. I've always been an anti-chiropractic person just because I was too scared. But Dr Callard has been my miracle worker. I feel a million times better and I've only been getting adjusted & massages for a month now. I WOULD STRONGLY RECOMMEND HIS CLINIC TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE WHOSE STRUGGLING TO GET RELIEF ON INJURIES. I was giving up before seeing Dr Callard...but now he's my hero. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH DR CALLARD!! πŸ™‚

by AshleyD. on The Callard Clinic

I have never had a more relaxing, professional, and relieving massage in my life. I have struggled with severe and chronic migraines my entire life, which just became more severe after my car accident last July of 2011. They were also occurring every single day, affecting my work, school, and social life immensely! Everytime I get a migraine I get a massage and they just know exactly what to do to make me feel a million times better. Both massage therapists have great but very different techniques. Both very professional and amazing at their jobs. WOULD STRONGLY RECOMMEND GETTING THERAPUETIC MASSAGES AT THE CALLARD CLINIC! I cannot complain about my experiences with them one bit.

by BradleyJ. on The Callard Clinic

Would recommend Dr. Callard to everyone.

by SandraS. on The Callard Clinic

Loved the peppermint spray. Sherry was fantastic as usual. Sandie

by BarbaraR. on The Callard Clinic

Always excellent service. They always work to see me when my schedule allows.

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

I just completed my 8th week of nutrition therapy and among the many benefits, judging by my hairbrush and pony tail ties, I now have 60% less hair loss (which has been a big problem in the past year)!

by christial on The Callard Clinic

I never knew that you could take children to a Chiropractor thought it was for older people or someone who was hurt in car accidents. My son had a back injury from Football, he was only 12 years old, went to all kinds a specialist, couldn't help him. Took him to The Callard Clinic and now his back is fine so are his knees and nutrition!! He can play all his sports again with out pain!! My daughter who is 6 years old now (started when she was 41/2) has had serveral sets of ear tubes,and gets sick all the time. While Dr. Callard was treating my son, I talked to him about my daughter. He did nutrition and adjustments with her and she hasn't been sick since seeing Dr. Callard. My 16 year old broke his collar bone wrestling 2 years ago and hasn't been right since. Dr Callard did some testing, x-rays and adjustments. My son now has full strenght in his right arm again!! My children are much healthier now thanks to Dr Callard. He is AMAZING!! We see him for everything! Yes my whole family is treated by him!! He is always available even on his day off. He always has time to see you! His staff is wonderful!! I am very thankful to have found such a wonderful Doctor for my children!! I am truly blessed!

by JodiP. on The Callard Clinic

Our family has been Dr. Callard's patients for at least 2 years, the first chiropractic care for any of us. We get adjustments, nutrition testing and massages.

Recently our 4-yr-old son had some swelling and slight discomfort on one side of his face, so instead of taking him right into Dr. C as I normally do, I took him to a pediatrician. The pediatrician wasn't able to pinpoint a diagnosis, but said it could be mumps. There were zero other symptoms of mumps.

We don't vaccinate, so of course the pediatrician belittled me about that.

Because it "could be" mumps, they called the health department for directions on blood tests. The health dept. also had discussions with me. I contacted Dr. C to find out *if* my son had mumps, if he had any supplements to help and he said yes. Dr. C adjusted his, which was out of alignment and could cause the lymph nodes to not drain properly, a very possible reason for the facial swelling. Dr. C advised which supplements to give him also, and by the end of the same day, the swelling was largely gone and he no longer complained it was sore. I will also add that on this occasion and many others, Dr. C has made himself available on his days/times off.

In the end, the blood test came back inconclusive, leading us to believe he never had mumps. Our lesson from this fiasco, would be to contact Dr. Callard first!

by CynthiaR. on The Callard Clinic

I've been to 8+ chiropractors and Dr Callard is among the highly trained. The nutrition therapy treats all my symptoms as a whole, even what seem unrelated. The high quality supplements are affordable and NT has shown unexpected benefits such as 75% less joint pain, 60% better mobility, 90% better sleep, 75% less food cravings and 13 lb weight loss. The Callard Clinic is my first dr's office to go digital and although the process adds a few minutes, I applaud them for being ahead of the curve.

Reasons for your marked health improvements are directly related to your efforts of taking our advice. We certainly appreciate your trust will do our best for your continued health improvement without the use of medications.

by GilbertT. on The Callard Clinic

We regularly seek out chiropractic care at home and when we travel. We have been under chiropractic care for over 20 years. We know what works and what doesn't. Dr. Callard is the best that we have found in the greater Flint area and one of the top three that we have visited in the U.S. and Canada.

by CrystalG. on The Callard Clinic

Dr. Callard really knows what he's doing. He explains why the pain is there and makes suggestions on how to avoid getting the pain. He examines your bones first before rushing to make adjustments. I highly recommend Dr. Callard!

Thanks Crystal for recognizing that we do things the right way. - Dr.C.

by StevenM. on The Callard Clinic

Massage was very good. Work out the kinks and knots.

by NicT. on The Callard Clinic

Most professional staff I have dealt with. GREAT place, Great People!!!!

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

Dr. Callard is an amazing Chiropractor! Everyone in the office is very friendly & caring! I will definitely recommend your practice to friends & family!!

We're more than glad to help you feel better the natural way! Thanks for your trust in us. -- Dr. Callard

by SandraS. on The Callard Clinic

Sherry was awesome. I felt relaxed and mellow.

by PamelaC. on The Callard Clinic

I seen Christina for the first time and had an amazing massage. She listened to my needed and went to work on the spots I asked her to focus on. She did great!

I will certainly be back!

Christina has been with us for quite some so she definitely knows how to find and fix the "spots". I'm very glad you received the results you wanted. See you soon.-- Dr. C.

by TerryZ. on The Callard Clinic

Great service as always. No waiting.

by taressaa on The Callard Clinic

I truly appreciate all the attentive attention that the whole staff does to help me get rid of a horrible headache and backache.

What a great experience. Recommend to everyone I talk to.

It is great to hear you are feeling better Taressa. Keep telling your family and friends about all our natural health care.

by RayW. on The Callard Clinic

Always a good experience and feeling much better

That is really great to hear. We are glad to hear you are feeling better. Thanks for the great review.

by ThomasM. on The Callard Clinic

Dr. Callard is an excellent doctor. I have seen my share of spinal specialists due to ruptured discs, and Callard is the best chiropractor I've met. As a back surgery patient, I was impressed with his thorough knowledge and ability to treat me safely and effectively. Regular appointments with the doc have helped me avoid a more invasive spinal fusion surgery and largely return to an active lifestyle I previously enjoyed. I've referred my own friends and family, and that's the best compliment I can give.

That IS the best compliment we could ask for, thanks so much. Dr. Callard is very pleased that the surgery has been something he could rule out for you. Keep coming in so we can continue to help you live that active lifestyle.

by laurac on The Callard Clinic

Accommodation is key and the staff always works with me to get me in. Dr. Callard is very area focused when I have a problem and I always find relief within a day or two.

Call us anytime, we are happy to fit you in. Thanks for the great feedback.

by Taressaa on The Callard Clinic

Dr Callard is great at listening and finding the right spot to fix! I love his bedside manner too. Great doctor and person

Thanks Taressa!

by SandraT. on The Callard Clinic

From the warm welcome as one walks into the office, to the compassionate and excellent care, the Callard Clinic is one which has exceeded my expectations.I have been a client of the Callard Clinic for about 3 years after our son and daughter-in-law recommneded it.

We are grateful that your son and daughter-in-law recommended us. We see you as part of our family. We always look forward to seeing your cheerful smile.

by anonymous on The Callard Clinic

My visit to the Callard Clinic was a very pleasent experience. I went feeling a bit nervous as I had never been to a chiroprator before. Everyone in the office was very friendly and made me feel as ease. I felt so much better when I left. Thank you Dr. callard and staff.