Active Therapeutic Movement Therapy

Eliminate Painful Movements With The ATM2…  Fast!

The ATM2 is a therapeutic device that enables the patient to be placed in a pain free static position. Once you are stabilized in this position, specific neuromuscular training and re-education can be done on an isolated movement or position.

The goal of this treatment is to give the patient IMMEDIATE pain reduction, increased range of motion, and improved function. This system works based on the Mulligan concept in which you can normalize specific movement impairments by re-positioning a particular joint related to the movement impairment.

First session satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

  • No drugs, no injections and no surgery. Treatments are painless.
  • One session is 10 – 15 minutes
  • The primary goal of the 1st session is to determine whether we can help.
  • You will know whether we can help, if both of the following occurs:

Your pain is eliminated while performing the first session; and You experience a 50%-100% pain relief and/or have an increased range of motion with less pain immediately after the session.

    • These immediate outcomes occur as a result of a neurological effect in which the Central Nervous System (CNS) learns how to move muscle groups with significantly less or no pain.
    • To strengthen this neurological effect and to continuously reduce vulnerability and recurrences, we do recommend eight sessions.
    • Each session is $35. (We do accept insurance for this service if it is included in your policy)

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